Back from a break..

I know..I know..I haven’t blogged in weeks now..unlike my usual blogging every weekend and I have some excuses for it..some of which are real and some of which not so much.

a. I have been very busy at work and just managing to go to the gym reasonably regularly has been a problem, forget time for extracurriculars like blogging

b. Hubby dearest is around during the week too, so I have enough entertainment 🙂

c. I have been making recipes from Raghavan Iyer’s book 660 curries and hence due to the lack of original cooking, I haven’t had much blogging material

d. I am beginning to feel like I am getting food-obsessed..this happens to me every couple of years..I start to feel like my life is revolving around food and I feel really really fat and I just go off trying not to think about food, which ends up being a vicious cycle because when I try not to think about food, I think about it even more..I know, I know..I’m crazy! 🙂

Do you ever feel like blogging is making you food-obsessed?

e. Also, I was beginning to feel like my blog was turning into a recipe site, which is definitely not the intention. Hence, here’s my first post without a recipe.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon..with a recipe, this time, I promise. I just need to be suitably motivated 🙂 the way, in terms of other things..I won a raffle prize in the recently completed Charity raffle run by Jugalbandi..a beautiful photo from Manisha of Indian Food be posted once I receive it! 🙂

See you soon!


2 responses to “Back from a break..

  1. Hey Sonal,

    Can you send me you email addy. I am trying to meet up for the bloggers this week. So if you send me you email at anuzi dot bhat at gmail dot com I can send you more info :o)

    Tty soon

  2. u got a lovely blog….
    do visit my blog when u find time and leave ur comments and suggestions..

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