Is it Camping time?

One of hubby dearest’s friends has invited us to go camping with them this weekend. However, never having gone camping before, we were a little unsure. We also need to rent a tent and sleeping bags before tomorrow morning and we don’t even know where to begin. His friend mentioned renting a tent at REI, a store I had never heard of before, but their nearest store is an hour away. Should we go and try a new activity or not? In the back of my mind is the nagging thought of how I hate bugs and how I am petrified of snakes. Hence, I am not sure if camping will be enjoyable for me.  But my inherent Sagittarian love for adventure is pulling me in the opposite direction.

Anyway, if we don’t go camping, I have a full plan of action for the weekend too. I was planning to go to the Italian market in Philadelphia, touted to be the largest open air market in the country, and maybe go see (as in literally see from afar :-)) the Pope in NYC. I’m not Catholic, but I did study in Jesuit institutions, hence the concept of the Pope is quite ingrained in me.

Other plans include exploring Morocco (Don’t worry, its only through its cuisine :-)). I might cook Black eyed peas with herbs, a Madhur Jaffrey recipe but of Moroccan origins with couscous and Chicken Tagine. But we will see how those plans go!

Anyway, Happy Friday to everyone and talk to you later!


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